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nail the fundamentals of starting their business: from figuring out their niche to attracting their ideal clients so they can take action, build a business full of raving fans & make an impact; all while having an unfair amount of fun!
Do you ever wonder…


How some new entrepreneurs are able to create successful businesses, while others are stuck in confusion and overwhelm?

How some achieve freedom, fun and financial success while others stay trapped in fear and indecision?

And how some are serving their audience, making an impact and giving to causes that matter to them while others are feeling like giving up on their dreams?


I say no more!


No more doubting yourself and your abilities.

No more feeling confused and overwhelmed by all the information out there – the options and decisions and so-many-to-do’s.

No more comparisonitis and worrying about what others might think of you.


It’s YOUR time to launch a successful online business!


It’s your time to make things happen.

But, where do you start?

You’re hearing about things like: List-Building, Opt-Ins, Auto-Responders, Websites, Landing Pages, Courses, Social Media, FB Ads, Signature Offers, Launches, Systems and more… which likely makes you want to run away with a bottle of wine (or 5) and never speak of your business dreams again!  It’s overwhelming, to say the least.


But here’s the thing…


Have you decided on your business niche yet?

Do you know which market you want to serve and how you want to serve them?

Do you know what their struggles and frustrations are and how you can help them?


Because nothing else matters until you figure those things out.


You can learn all about creating online courses, FB ads, social media, list-building, blah blah blah – but until you know WHO you’re trying to help and HOW you’re going to help them, you’ll keep getting stuck and feeling more and more frustrated. ;o(


You have to lay the foundation before you build the empire.


You have to decide who your business is going to help and how you’ll help them – your niche!

You have to know what they want and what their struggles are

You don’t want just customers, you want raving fans of your work who feel like you crawled in their head and read their mind because you understand what they’re going through and can guide them to where they want to be.


You want to KNOW YOUR NICHE!


If you’ve been struggling trying to build your online business, then I invite you to get on the VIP Waitlist for my new course,               Know Your Niche.


KNOW YOUR NICHE will help you:
  • Discover your strengths, skills, values, ever-elusive purpose and passions and how to blend them into your dream business
  • Decide who your ideal clients are, learn their external & internal challenges (this is a game-changer) & how you’ll serve them 
  • Develop your messaging around your ideal client’s struggles & goals so they’ll think you’re a mind reader


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