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Binge-worthy advice & tips - dipped in humor, sarcasm & an occasional red-wine-rant... free of charge, of course!


Focus on One

Multi-task, they say. You'll get more done, they say. Did you? Did you really get more done? Or do you just have a longer list of started-but-unfinished tasks now? Do you wanna scry (scream+cry) when you look at all the things you need to get done? Is multi-tasking...

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Are You a Yes Woman?

Do you feel like a YES woman? Is your schedule so full that you struggle to have a complete thought? Do you dream of simplicity and, dare I say, more free time? (If you don’t even know what free time is, then your answer should be yes!). You get busy with work, family...

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Start From Nothing

** This is a very honest confessional-style post. I know I'm not the only woman who has struggled with these things, so I hope something in my story is helpful for you. I’ve always been what is referred to as a jack-of-all-trades.  I’m good at a lot of different...

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