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Multi-task, they say.

You’ll get more done, they say.

Did you? Did you really get more done? Or do you just have a longer list of started-but-unfinished tasks now?

Do you wanna scry (scream+cry) when you look at all the things you need to get done?

Is multi-tasking killing you and leaving you with no real progress?


Researchers at the University of California, Irvine, did a study and discovered that it takes the average person over 23 minutes to refocus on a task after a distraction.

They also discovered that the average office worker gets interrupted almost every 3 minutes. :^O (that’s my gasp face).

This is not even counting how much we self-interrupt. Check email. Facebook notifications. Decide to check airfare for the trip we wish we were going on. Get sucked into a youtube video (or ten).

Basically, our focus and efforts to “Do Everything” leave us feeling like crap and having done almost nothing.

What if you decided to let go of the multi-tasking mentality and instead chose to focus on one thing at a time?

Imagine being able to actually CROSS THINGS OFF your to-do list because you’ve completed them!

That would be amazing, right?!

Give it a shot.

You may choose to divide your to-do list into time allotment groups, based on how long the task will take, or your best estimate for how long it will take. If you’re like me, the tech stuff always takes longer than you think.

With your fancy new grouped list, choose a task and complete it. Nothing else.

Turn off your notifications. Close email and social media. Bribe your children to leave you alone. #irememberhavingyoungerkids

Just complete the task that you selected.

Then, cross that sucker OFF your list!


Now choose another task and do the same thing. Finish it, then cross it off your list.

As the shampoo bottle says, “Rinse and Repeat.” (though I don’t advocate for over-washing your hair)

You’ll feel AMAZING as you begin to check things OFF your to-do list because you finally FOCUSED.

Of course, I know – more things will get added to your list. #Entrepreneurship

But, now you can use your fancy grouping system and put those tasks in their proper place. Then slaughter them! Cross them off in red ink if you’d like, for effect. (was that too far?)

Your decision to focus on one-task-at-a-time to completion is entirely up to you.

Will it always be perfect? No.

Will things come up occasionally that require you to switch gears? Yes.

Will your sanity, pride and sense of accomplishment thank you for focusing on one? ABSOLUTELY!!!

I wanna hear from you:

What do you really want to accomplish and feel like you could if you just focused on it? Also, what actions will you take to prevent distractions and interruptions?

Post your response in the comments below.